Best Gifts for Cat Lovers

Termperamental loner is indifferent to human love, cats have long played the second violin in public opinion for human friends, simple-minded dogs. But cats have won the internet, because some famous felins (Suki, God are dark) have more followers on Instagram and order higher appearance costs than the average B-list celebrity.
Although it is possible that the second nature of marking friends loving your cat in the cat meme every now, it can be confusing to buy actual gifts for the cat’s parents now that there are more items themed cats available than before. With the help of experts – including animal behavior specialists, advocates, and pet shop owners – we have imagined through the world of extensive cat products to find the best gifts for cat lovers, including some of the favorites we found our own year as a cat mother.

Smartcat The Ultimate Scratching Post

Scratching posts

“Every cat needs a scratch post,” said Tazz Latifi, shop owner of a pet supply and a lowered Petropolis treatment room in Manhattan. Mikel Delgado, a cat behavior expert with Rover, explains that scratches are ways for cats to “mark their territory, and it makes their claws in good condition.” Because cats like stretches, Latifi said posts must be at least 24 inches to make it an interesting alternative to the furniture of cat owner.

At a height of 32 inches, the Smartcat Ultimate Scratching post is the main choice among experts. Nora Wood, Adoption Event Coordinator for Anjelle Cats, Rescue Voluntary Cats based in New York and non-profit with foster house in all five Borough, said it was an ideal gift because “cats could not drop it – very important! – And the cat can stretch His back, scratching. “Cat behavior specialist Anjelle Astrid Hanenkamp calls it” the best out there, “and Delgado mentions it as well.

Petfusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

Because it takes up more space than vertical scratches, wood says this “beautiful” scratcher lounge is a good gift “if your friend has a good sized apartment.” Conrad Russo, blogger and owner of Pet Gear Lab, also said The Petfusion Scratcher was “favorite” among cat lovers, and arrogant cat women, Kristin Perrotta agreed. “It looks cool and you can flip it when your cat destroys one side,” he said.

Frisco 47.5 inches of modern cat trees and condominiums

Cat furniture

There are many clean trees that are worthy of royal out there, but if you feel a bit of ridiculous expenses, three digits on furniture made for cats, this affordable version is a cat and human being approved. With natural wood granules and luxurious white carpets, it looks good at any house, and has plenty of space for Kitty to perch. Senior writer strategist Karen Iorio Adelson divided his time between Cubbyhole in the middle and top level.

Hauspanther Catchall Wall-Mounted Cat Scratcher, Perch & Storage by Primetime Petz

Advocates Animal and Educator Hannah Shaw, A.K.A. The Kitten Lady, emphasizes the importance of “providing [cats] with a home environment that enriches. Cats need access to vertical spaces and climbing structures to feel mental stimulation.” The first cat owner, or one moved to a new place, can appreciate perch, a long chair , or a tree that will make their home more friendly to cats. Shaw bought a lot of cat furniture from Hauspanther, like a perch placed on this wall that functions as a scratch post and has a room for storing toys.

House pet shark cave bed washed

Shark Pet House Washable Cave Bed

If a friend welcomes a new cat to the family, Leilani Shimoda, the owner of Instagram Darling Bunni (and Shrampton who is late), recommends “Comfortable beds or cat caves to help relieve their anxiety by giving them their own personal space that feels safe and warm. “He recommended this shark bed for a pleasant and affordable gift.

Choco tent

Even your most conscious friend’s friends will not be ashamed to display this handsome tent from Tuft + Paw (the most unique and most enjoyable cat accessories curators) in their living room. It’s more expensive than most cat beds out there, but I have the opportunity to test it recently and I was impressed with high-quality construction, sturdy wood base, and thick canvas cover.