The 5 Best Dog Backpack: What Is The Best One For Your Dog?

Isn’t it nice to walk your dog around the neighborhood or the park on a lovely Sunday morning? Or hiking and camping for a quick adventure, perhaps? Much better if you have all his necessities packed in his very own backpack – a dog backpack!

A dog backpack can keep your paw friend fully equipped every time you’re up for an adventure!

To help you out, we’ve listed a handful of tips on choosing the best dog backpack on the market and why you should buy it.


What Are The Benefits Of Buying A Dog Backpack?

Your dog is not just a pet but a loving family member. So, you’d definitely provide everything that your furbaby needs – food, shelter and clothing – or sometimes, more than what’s really necessary.

What about buying a dog backpack? Is it really worth it?

It might be a little hard to know if it’s really a good buy unless you know when it will be beneficial and how it could be comfortable for your dog.

What are the perks of giving your dog a dog backpack, then? Take a look at these benefits.

Your Dog Is All Geared Up For Hiking, Running Or Camping.

If you and your dog often participate in outdoor activities, such as hiking, running or camping, a dog backpack would be a great advantage. All the gear and stuff your dog needs for the activity can become handy.

You Can Give Your Dog An Exercise Without Consuming Too Much Time.

As a furry parent, you want your dog to be fit and healthy, so you take him out for a regular walk or run. But sometimes, when you’ve got to run some errands, time might not be enough for your daily routine.

However, a weighted dog backpack can give your dog the intensity of exercise he needs at a much lesser time.

It Can Help Your Dog Build Up Some Muscles.

You can put up a bit challenge on your dog’s exercise by putting some weight on its dog backpack. The weight intensifies the exercise and hence, helps him develop the muscle he needs.

The added weight should be reasonable and not too heavy. You don’t want to tire your dog out!

You Can Maintain His Exercise Routine Even In Winter.

Winter could be a tough season for you and your dog. Not only does it affect your dog’s comfort, but also his daily exercise routine. With the harsh cold, you surely won’t let him stay out for long hours.

A weighted dog backpack keeps your dog’s exercise routine even in winter season, on a shorter walk but more heightened drill.

You Can Bring Your Dog’s Necessities In One Pack.

You won’t have to worry about leaving your dog’s stuff behind. With a dog backpack, your dog can carry his own stuff when you’re out for an errand or a quick walk. Just make sure not to burden your furry pal with a lot of load!

It Gives Him A Sense Of Purpose.

Giving your dog a backpack makes him feel he needs to do a certain task and diverts his energy on to something more useful and hence, he can act with a proper behavior.

You can fill his backpack with some stuff like toys, bottled water or poop bags and even if you leave the bag empty, he knows he’s got a job to do and he could feel he’s contributed something valuable.

Now that you’ve read these incredible benefits for you and your dog, you’ve known how practical it is to have a dog backpack for your furbaby. You may spend a few more bucks for it but it sure is worth a buy.

How can you choose the best one, then?

How To Choose The Best Dog Backpack?

Before you head out to the store, you’ve got to consider first the following factors to help you choose the best dog backpack for your dog.

Check The Comfort And Fit.

You don’t want to make your dog to be uncomfortable while walking in a park or going for a quick errand. Make sure the dog backpack you’re buying is fit for your dog thus provides comfort.

Opt for the dog backpacks that have adjustable straps. 5-point girth and chest straps are recommended.

Know The Size And Weight Of Your Dog.


Generally, a rule of thumb indicates that your dog can carry 10 to 12% of its body weight. However, you can’t always just grab a dog backpack and put it on your dog.

Consulting a veterinarian is always the smartest thing to do to know how much weight your dog can carry or what to consider if your dog has health issues.

Once you’ve determined the accurate size and weight of your dog, you’ll be able to know how big or small his dog backpack is and how much weight he should carry. However, it still relies on the different body aspects and not only the physique such as the breed, energy level and fitness.

Examine The Material Of The Backpack.

Dog backpacks are crafted and woven with different types of fabric such as breathable mesh and nylon, though breathable mesh is more preferable. There are certain types of materials that are intended for various weather, temperature and activity. So you’ve got to know which material is durable and high-quality. Much better if it’s lightweight and compact.

Check The Storage And Multiple Compartments.


Some dog backpacks are designed with huge spaces where you could just slip all your dog’s stuff inside or multiple pockets for easy access. Know how much and what stuff your dog can bring and you’ll determine what type of backpack your dog really needs.

Know Your Activities.

Do you and your dog often go hiking or camping? If so, the dog backpack should be lightweight and more durable with more pockets to fill in.

You may also want to look for the extra features such as shoulder straps or detachable saddlebags. It should also be water-resistant and made of breathable mesh as you may get through different types of weather and temperature on your adventure.

If you want to bring the dog backpack on your dog’s daily routine, make sure the quality and construction is durable and will last for long periods of time.

Calculate Your Budget And Expenses.

Dog backpacks come in different price tags. Some may be too expensive while some can be very affordable.

You can browse for the best-selling and high-quality dog backpacks but also know how much you can spend on one of these. Calculate your expenses and look for a backpack that’s right on your budget.

Top Picks 2017: 5 Best Dog Backpack On The Market

*Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

We don’t want to let things be so hard on you so we’ve jotted down the 5 of the Best Dog Backpack on the market. You might find in our list the best one for your furry friend!

#1. Lifeunion Adjustable Service Dog Supply Backpack Saddle Bag For Camping Hiking Training


Lifeunion is one of the most reliable brands for dog essentials such as backpacks, harnesses, coats and more. And when it comes dog backpacks, they make sure it is at the highest quality and durability.

The Lifeunion Adjustable Service Dog Backpack showcases heavy-duty buckles and padded chest and belly straps.

The fabric, on the other hand, is a high-grade 600D polyester material, which is durable and waterproof. The mesh netting is lightweight and durable with adjustable straps for a custom fit.

It also has a built-in soft padded handle whenever you need to assist your dog on steep or rough roads when you’re trekking or just walking through the crowd.

The bags are spacious enough for all his necessities. You can gear him up anytime and anywhere! It is also available in different sizes according to different dog breeds.


  • Padded chest and belly straps.
  • Adjustable straps for a custom fit.
  • ​High-quality fabric; durable.
  • ​Waterproof.
  • Heavy-duty material; perfect for hiking and camping.
  • Affordable price.


  • Not very compact.

#2. Ruffwear - Approach Full-Day Hiking Pack For Dogs


The Ruffwear Approach Full-day hiking backpack is one of the best-sellers on the market that ensures great quality backpack for your furry pal.

Whenever you’d go for a hiking or camping adventure or just for a long and short walk on your daily routine, this backpack could be your dog’s best travel buddy.

The Ruffwear backpack is equipped with easy-stash pockets and weight-forward saddlebag for a comfortable luggage. It has non-slip straps and sheltered buckles that are also adjustable to keep the saddle in its place while giving him a comfortable fit.

It also features integrated harness for leash walking, lifting and pulling. The reflective trim, on the other, allows you to keep an eye on your dog even in the low-visibility areas.

It comes in different sizes, from small to extra large, and in different colors – poppy orange, meadow green, pacific blue and campfire orange.


  • Designed with easy-stash pockets and weight-forward saddlebag.
  • Has non-slip adjustable straps and sheltered heavy-duty buckles.
  • Features integrated harness and reflective trim.
  • ​The bags provide enough space for all his necessities and adventure items.
  • ​Comes in different sizes and colors.


  • Costs a bit higher than the other brands.
  • Issues regarding the accuracy of sizing.

#3. RioRiva Dog Backpack Hound Travel Camping Hiking Saddle Bag Rucksack


The RioRiva Dog backpack is embellished with big bags on each side and smaller pockets for all your dog’s essentials. It also provides bigger space for your hiking and camping stuff.

The straps are adjustable to keep the backpack in place and to keep it comfortable on your dog’s back.

Another impressive feature is the fabric it is made of. It is crafted with a high-grade 600D oxford fabric that makes it very durable and can last for a long time. Perfect for long hours of walks and adventure!

The RioRiva comes in different sizes, colors and styles. So whether your furbaby is a male or female, big or small, there’s a trendy style just right for him or her.


  • Affordable price.
  • Durable quality; suitable for hiking and camping adventure.
  • ​Bags provide bigger space for the essentials.
  • ​Available in different sizes, colors and styles.
  • ​Has easy-access smaller pockets for treats and other gear.


  • Bags might be too big for some pets and would wobble if weight is not evenly distributed.

#4. Ruffwear - Singletrak Low-Profile Hydration Pack For Dogs


You need a heavy-duty dog backpack for an exciting adventure out in the mountains or rough and steep terrains. In that case, the Ruffwear Singletrak Low-profile Hydration backpack can be a good option.

It provides great comfort with its foam-padded chest and belly straps and keeping it fit and secured with the 5-point adjustable girth.

To quench your dog’s thirst after a long run or walk, this backpack also includes two collapsible water bottles which are BPA-free, taste-free and can handle 20 ounces of water.

Out in the dark or low-visibility environments, the reflective trim allows you to look after your dog all the time. The pockets are also accessible for keeping treats or other essentials.


  • Heavy-duty backpack; perfect for hiking or camping.
  • Foam-padded chest and belly straps.
  • ​Has 5-point adjustable strap for secured and comfortable fit.
  • ​Has 2 collapsible water bottles.
  • ​Has pockets and reflective trim.


  • Costs a bit higher than the other brands of dog backpack.
  • Leak issues regarding the water containers.

#5. Outward Hound Backpacks For Dogs


If you’re looking for a dog backpack that your dog can use for daily walks in the park or around the neighborhood, the Outward Hound back might be the best option. It is lightweight and compact, which allows your dog to carry it at ease.

It has available sizes for all body sizes of different dog breeds - from small to extra large.

Because it is lightweight and compact, it is easy for your furbaby to go on short walks or quick errands. The “Y” chest strap and body straps keep the bag fit, comfortable and secured. It is affordable, too!

Though it can also be used for hiking or trekking for a few hours, its material may not be as heavy-duty as it should be.

The size may not also be enough to keep all the essentials your dog needs for hiking. Another downside is it’s not waterproof. The saddlebags are not removable too.


  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Has available sizes for all body sizes of different breeds.
  • ​Durable body and chest straps.
  • ​Can be used for daily walks around the neighborhood or in the park.
  • ​Affordable price.


  • Not waterproof.
  • Saddlebags are not removable.
  • Not heavy-duty enough for long hours of hiking.


Considering the performance, material and reviews, we were down to two options - Lifeunion Dog Backpack and the Ruffwear Approach Full-day backpack. However, checking the practicality, durability and comfort, the LifeUnion backpack stood out among the rest.

Though the Ruffwear Approach displays a commendable quality for hiking, it might not be very fitting for long hours. The straps are adjustable and provide good fit but the part along the chest isn’t padded and might not be comfortable eventually.

The LifeUnion dog backpack, however, ensures excellent comfort with its padded straps and the bags are big enough for all the dog’s stuff. It is durable enough both for long regular walks, hiking and camping adventures. It is affordable too!

Buying a dog backpack for your dog sure has tons of benefits for your furry pal and for you as well. Choosing the best dog backpack can be pretty challenging as the list is overwhelming.

Hopefully, that the best-selling products, the reviews, and the tips mentioned above will help you find the best one for your dog.

If you have any questions or suggestions about this article, leave it in the comments section. Don’t be forget to share this article with your friends and family if you’ve found it useful.

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