Top 38 Best Dog Training Blogs Every Dog Lover Must Follow

You’d probably agree that dogs are naturally playful and affectionate but not always submissive. Giving them a proper training would be the greatest solution to any behavior issues. But as a dog lover and owner, you know it takes time and patience to nurture discipline.

So, how would you train your dog?

The web is a huge platform of ideas and suggestions about dog training. With a lot professionals and firsthand experiences from many dog blogs and websites, finding the most effective way to train your dog becomes effortless. Another question is, which blogs should you read and follow?

We don’t want to let things be tough on you! That’s why we’ve made a list of the Top 38 Best Dog Training Blogs You Need To Follow Right Now and it will provide you reliable sources about proper dog training.

These blogs unravel the common dog behavior issues, basic training for discipline and obedience and further support for dog owners and dog lovers. With these useful blogs, you can maintain a strong and close bond with your furry pal!


The Dog Training Secret

The Dog Training Secret blog was established back in 2005 and since then, the site has provided professional assistance and training to many dog owners anywhere in the world. They encourage the readers and dog owners to try their Hands Off Dog Training methods which are all packed in a DVD. It includes basic dog training needs such as sit, stay, come, potty training and many other behavior issues like dog and food aggression.

Their detailed and step-by-step articles are intelligible and easy to apply.

The Online Dog Trainer by Doggy Dan

Doggy Dan is a well-known and most trusted professional dog trainer and behaviorist in New Zealand. He offers effective and simple training through videos so you can learn comfortably in your very own home. You can sign up for a 3-day free trial for video lessons and individual assistance for a very affordable price.

His website welcomes you with an introductory video that explains the positive results of his training, the benefits and firsthand experiences from those who have tried his program. Aside from the training videos, he also provides tips and tricks that discuss 34 very common behavioral issues among dogs with solutions you can try.

Dog Training Nation

Fanna Easter is behind the tips and services of Dog Training Nation. She has instructed various dog training classes for 22 years that focuses on family dog manners. She also contributes her expertise to Dogs Naturally magazine and has taken a position as a veterinary behaviorist at Dogs and Kat Training Center.

Fanna also had 5 years of experience as a dog training expert at Petco. With all her skills and love for dogs, she shares training advice to every dog owner in order to get their dogs perform their best behavior.

Her blog covers wide range of topics about dog behavior, health and safety. It also consists of training videos and tips about the best dog products to use.

Wag Walking

Wag Walking does not only provide training advice for dog owners but services as well. Co-founder and CEO Joshua Viner has developed a program in an app that allows dog owners, particularly the busy ones, to hire experienced dog handles for dog sitting, dog walking and dog boarding 7 days a week in 16 major cities in the USA. You can help your dog be healthy and productive everyday!

Aside from this remarkable service, Wag Walking site provides tips, training advice and daily updates to its readers especially dog owners and dog lovers. You can read about news, health, grooming, behavior and training techniques. Even the cutest and most adorable dog stories are available! If you’re a new furry parent, they also have good reads that will educate you to be a responsible owner.

Dog Vills - All About Dogs

Dog Vills can be your other option for getting professional help for dog training, proper care and nurturing discipline on your furry babies. It offers information on 7 major subjects namely dog training, dog behavior, dog adoption, dog food, dog problems, dog care and raising a puppy.

Olfa, the owner and editor of the blog, together with her team, provides useful tips and information every dog owner needs. You can also find toys and supplies for your dog, reads and videos about homemade healthy dog food and dogs common eating habits.

Dogington Post

Dogington Post is a dog online newspaper that shares daily dose of amazing and inspiring stories about dogs. But aside from providing news and entertainment to the readers, part of their primary goal is to educate dog owners how to train their dogs and resolve their behavioral issues.

The blog gives advice from professional trainers regarding the step-by-step procedure. They even have an in-house veterinarian that you can ask about your dog’s health issues or eating habits.

Their articles about dog law, dog abuse, canine rights, adoption and different types of dog breeds prove that they are an advocate of animal rights especially dogs.

Labrador Training HQ

Do you, by chance, own a Labrador Retriever?

If you do, the Labrador Training HQ might be the best spot to get the training and information you need about your pet. The blog specializes the needs of Labrador Retrievers such as the kind of training and proper care and hygiene. It also deals with the common behavioral issues of labradors that you, as a labrador owner, might have experienced as well.

They also have a range of subtopics under health issues such as diet and nutrition, grooming, exercise, vaccines and common illnesses acquired by labrador retrievers. If you are also looking for supplies and toys for labradors, they have comprehensive reviews and list of products.

Labrador Training HQ will also assist you if you have just gotten yourself a Labrador puppy. They provide tips and reminders about puppy training, puppy care, puppy hygiene and many other facts you need to know.

Animal Behavioral College

Some dog owners turn their passion and love for animals into a career. If you’re one of those who feel the same, the Animal Behavioral College is an animal career training school that offers programs for dog training, cat training, dog grooming and veterinary assistant. If you want to get a certification for this career, they will help you get one through their online courses and hands-on training.

Because their focus is to nurture owners to professional trainers, their blog covers topics about behavioral issues of dogs and cats and how you can cope with them when you’re experiencing the same dilemma. Their useful articles also provide safety measures to prevent accidents or health issues and the kind of games or activities your dog or cat should do.

Thriving Canine

If you are having behavior issues with your dog whether it is a puppy or already an adult, the Thriving Canine blog offers dog training services and behavior rehabilitation for dogs at any breed and any age!

Thriving Canine holds group classes for dogs to train obedience, agility and socialization in the most fun way possible. You can also opt for private training, a one-on-one training including you and your family. Aside from these services, they also have books and informative articles about dog behavior, the common mistakes that you should avoid while training your dog and what care and activity you should give to your furry friend.

Talent Hounds

“Inspire. Connect. Inform. Entertain.” This how Talent Hounds share their advocacy to loving and caring dogs. They hold events such as pet shows within Canada to keep the dogs physically fit and active and at the same time, help the dog owners have fun with their furry babies.

Talent Hounds took off as a TV series about the impact of dogs in our lives. As their community grows, they continue to inspire and teach dog owners about the basics of dog training, socialization with other dogs and to help them be more obedient toward their owners.

It’s Dog or Nothing

Kelsie Mckenzie is the brains behind the blog It’s Dog or Nothing. She is a pet guardianship advocate and a rescue volunteer. She owns two beautiful Great Pyrenees named Atka and Mauja. With her blog, she aims to help you and your furry pal live life to the fullest!

Since she owns Great Pyrenees dogs, most of her reads focus on that breed and other giant breeds. So if you also own a giant breed dog, you can head on to Kelsie’s blog and read more informative articles about it.

The Good Dog

Professional dog trainer, Sean O’ Shea had set up the T3 program to assist dog owners with proper dog training. The T3 program, however, is like hitting two birds with one stone. You get to train your dog and resolve his behavioral issues while educating yourself with the appropriate approach of training dogs in order to train other owners in the long run as well - a business opportunity at hand.

Sean shares the positive results of his training from his clients through their testimonials and videos. He offers services in group classes or private training all over Los Angeles and New Orleans. You can also purchase his DVDs and books about simple and step-by-step dog training

Susan Garrett Dog Trainer

Susan Garrett based his dog training in two key principles: Value and Choice. She shares simple and step-by-step procedure to make dog training more enjoyable and less stressful. Although Susan has a separate blog for personal stuff, event she had attended and contests she hold, she includes some snippets of these important details in this blog.

As you go over the blog, you will also see some informative articles about proper training for dogs and puppies. She also has books and DVDs in-store about exhaustive dog training that you can purchase for an affordable price.

Susan Garrett resides in Ancaster, Ontario in Canada but accepts students from the USA and Europe.

Dogs Trust - Rehoming and Dog Adoption Charity

Dogs Trust is a charity site for dogs who are in need. They are a community of volunteers who seek for foster parents and sponsors for the dogs they have rescued. Although their main purpose is to shelter dogs who are in great need, they also provide tips and reminders for those who have already owned dogs.

The articles uncover useful information that are all in downloadable PDFs and absolutely free. They provide dog training services and schooling to help you and your dog live the happiest life without worries.

Cesar's Way

Who wouldn’t know Cesar Millan? Cesar’s a well-known dog behaviorist for over 25 years. He has shared his expertise in dog training, the techniques and unique approach on dogs which have become widely known through his TV series Dog Whisperer.

With all his professional skills in dog training, his site will surely be reliable of any information, tips and tricks you need to nurture your dog and become more disciplined and obedient. His blog share a wide range of topics about common problems dealt with dog owners across the globe. May it be about health care, grooming, routine care, the basics and the dog lifecycle care, Cesar’s blog will provide you easy, simple and detailed information.

Clicker Training

Clicker Training offers training services not only for dogs but for cats and other animals as well. Karen Pryor founded the training program in 2001 with the mission to educate animal lovers and pet owners with the accurate training approach. You can purchase their books about the effective training techniques and other supplies that your furry companion may need.

For further assistance, they also have an academy where you can enhance your training skills or better yet, take it to the next level for the opportunity of a professional career in the long run.

Life With Dogs

Are you looking for news and entertainment about dogs? The Life With Dogs blog might be the best option for you. It mainly focuses on entertainment with amazing and inspiring stories dog owners and dog lovers would definitely adore. You can also watch funny and cute dog videos for a good laugh!

Aside from giving entertainment to readers, they also provide useful tips on how to deal with common behavioral issues through firsthand experiences and inspiring stories.

I Heart Dogs

If you are a genuine dog lover, you may have come across I Heart Dogs blog. It is packed with all the information you need about dogs. They provide tips and useful information about the common diseases, common behavioral issues and proper training for all types of breeds and ages. They even have an in-house vet and professional trainer you can talk to if you have major concerns.

They are an advocate of dog rescues and also of other animals that deserve a home a loving care. They believe that every dog matters. And to fully support their rescue programs, they raise funds by selling clothes, jewelries, accessories, pet supplies and home goods. They also accept donations to pursue their mission.

I Heart Dogs has over 3 million followers on Facebook and one of the most trusted sites for dog training and inspirational dog stories.


If you think you’ve already known your furry pal very well, you could be wrong. Your dog might have some qualities and skills he has yet to unveil. If you’re too curious to know more about your dog, go beyond the basics and try Dognition.

Dognition offers a membership program that allows you to assess and understand your dog even better. Hence, you’ll be able to train your dog and resolve his behavioral issues. This membership program includes science-based games, profile report and analysis about your dog’s skills, expert tips and custom activities for you and your furry baby. Practical and professional training strategies can also be found in their blog.


Nylabone introduces edible and long-lasting chew toy products for dogs. Most dog owners and families use these chew toys to help their dogs from their bad behavior such as destructive chewing. The Nylabone products can also be an aid to ease separation anxiety and poor dental health. This has also been recommended by most vets as it been proven very beneficial.

Although they primarily offer chew toy products, their blog also provides tips and techniques about training and behaviors of dog breeds of all types and ages. They also have detailed and instructional articles about health issues, common dog problems and solutions, safety tips and activities and games.

Canine Journal

Established in 2007, Canine Journal provides in-depth and unbiased information regarding dog training, behavior problems, reviews and inspirational stories. Informative articles about common dog health issues and safety precautions are also available in the site.

If you’re also considering of getting a pet insurance, you may want to check this blog out first before getting one. Canine Journal has a comprehensive information and review about pet insurance and how much it may cost.


Being a dog owner isn’t easy. You have to be as responsible as a parent to his own child. If you feel like you need more help taking good care of your dog, Petcha helps you to be a responsible owner you should be.

Their blog uncovers 7 major topics about dogs: dog breeds, lifestyle, grooming, health and care, behavior and training, food and treats and puppies. If you are also having problems about veterinary care, the blog will share you effective ways to save for it.

Pet Expertise

Are you looking for toys or pet supplies to solve your dog’s particular behavior problems? Pet Expertise will help you find the best supplies to use for your dogs. The products are categorized according to how it would be useful for a specific dog behavior problem.

If you’re having dog behavior problems such as nipping or biting, aggression, digging, destructive chewing and many other common behavior issues, you can shop among the blog’s in-store products at reasonable prices. They have all the supplies that you need for training your dog.

Puppy In Training

Are you going to adopt a puppy soon? Is it your first time to own a puppy? If you are still unsure of what to do as a new dog owner and parent, Colby Morita shares his firsthand experiences in raising a puppy. He has raised and nurtured guide and service dogs of America and Canine Support teams.

With Colby’s skills and experiences elaborated through his blog, you would be able to know the proper puppy training such as potty training, how to handle puppy’s first night, how to train your puppy in his crate and a lot more. It will give you complete yet simple steps to accomplish what you have to. And if you have inquiries and questions, Colby would be happy to accommodate you with answers.

Patricia Mcconnell

Patricia is a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist and her blog aims to help you build a strong and close bond with your furry companion. She has been an expert on canine behavior and dog training of which she had shared through DVDs, dog training books and seminars.

Patricia, who is also a best-selling author, exhibits all her dog training books that specialize on common dog behaviors. Each book discusses the proper methods and techniques of training your dog, how you can cope with your dog’s health and behavior issues and the common mistakes you should avoid.

The Labrador Site

The Labrador Site provides a complete information and everything you need to know about Labradors. It focuses on the needs of the labradors, their common behavior, the grooming, health and care they require and the training that they should get.

If you are among those Labrador parents, you should definitely visit the site and get the professional help you need. You will also be able to know the distinct differences of Labradors according to their colors and how long they can live.

Daily Treat By Rover

Daily Treat blog by Rover provides informational articles and how-tos, trivias and step-by-step dog training. First time and long-time dog owners will benefit with the tips and reminders from the blog. There are reads about the common training mistakes, how you can help your dogs socialize with other dogs and things to do when you have new puppy.

Daily Treat aims not to only supply you with daily updates of news and entertainment but also provide dog-sitting services and simple and easy dog training methods. And if you haven’t decided what you would name your furry pal, this blog has a list of beautiful names. It even has a dog name generator!

Eileen and Dogs

Eileen Anderson has incorporated in her blog a lot of personal experiences with her five dogs. She herself has encountered problems with his dogs but was able to get through it. She had used her free time learning dog behavior and dog training which she now shares to all the dog owners out there.

Her blog consists of articles and videos that emphasize dog training and observation of behavior among dogs. She has published her own book Remember Me? that discusses dementia on dogs.

Ferndog Training

Located in New Jersey, Ferndog Training offers services regarding dog training. They have options for private behavior consultations and seminars that will assist you to become the dog trainer you should be. They will also help you enhance your training skills so you can use them to your dog or possible clients in the future.

Aside from these practical services, Ferndog also covers a wide range of topics regarding dog care, training and behavior. You can also read about the things you should do to help your newly-adopted dog to adjusted and the commandments or rules you should follow to become a responsible dog owner.

Dog Training with Kristi Benson

If you are looking for practical training sessions with a professional dog trainer, you might want to inquire at the Dog Training with Kristi Benson. Kristi Benson has been a trainer for ten years where she educates dog owners with her science-based techniques that will help resolve your dog’s behavior.

Because of her love for dogs, Kristi has been a part of many dog rescues over the years. With her personal experiences and expertise vented out through her blog, her blog was ranked among the top fifty blogs.

Little Dog Tips

Still looking for positive, simple and easy training tips? Little Dog Tips might be a good spot for you. It answers most of your Whys, Whens, and Hows about dog behavior problems and proper training. Each article reveals simple and understandable tips that are mostly based on firsthand experiences.

If you also need some products that can assist your dog while he’s training or perhaps something that he could just play with or chew on, the blog has a list of best products and reviews that you might want to check out.

Michael Baugh

Michael is a certified professional dog trainer since 1999 and has spent most of his years training dogs and counselling dog owners about serious behavior problems. With his expertise, he has already helped a lot of dog owners and their dog get through common dog behavior problems such as a separation anxiety, aggression, compulsive barking, depression, unruliness and extreme timidity.

Michael’s blog offers practical tips, tricks and techniques that you can use to train your dogs. He also shared reminders and useful tips on how to handle puppies for the first time.

Muzzle Up Project

Maureen Backman founded the Muzzle Up Project to coach and counsel dog owners about dog behavior problems, safety precautions and training techniques. She holds seminars and events to fully guide the dog owners to be responsible and loving owners.

If you visit her blog, you will be able to see training videos, images and guides for proper training and other websites you can visit for further dog training tips.

She calls her project the Muzzle Training that includes comprehensive, easy and simple steps on how to train your dog. The other details are also sourced out from dog behavior experts.

Oh My Dog Blog

If you want tips that reflect on personal experiences, you can try visiting Maggie’s Oh My Dog Blog. She is a pitbull advocate and a pet lifestyle pro who can surely relate with your lifestyle as a pet owner. She shares daily updates and informative articles about her dogs that you can also apply when training your own dogs.

Maggie’s blog consists of personal stories, product reviews, DIY projects, training techniques and a lot more. If you are a also a cat owner, her blog also shares some tips and tricks how to train your cat and what kinds of food you can feed your furry pals.

Smart Dog University

Smart Dog University shares practical tips on how to train dogs, how to cope with their behavior and what to do if they have behavior problems. You can also read about the common mistakes when you take your dog for an exercise. In this way, you will know which steps you should avoid.

However, if you cannot do the training alone and are in great need of training sessions, you can sign your dog up for classes. Once you do, Smart Dog University will help your dog perform his best behavior and might as well help you become more responsible owner.

Inquisitive Canine

Inquisitive Canine blog has tons of topics about dog training and dog behavior. One of their recent posts is about taking your dog to work. And if you do take your dog to work as well, the article unveils the benefits and what you can do to make your dog comfortable even at your workplace.

If you are a new owner and have worries about taking good care of a puppy or a dog, certain posts from the blog will help you overcome your fear and worries of having an obligation as a dog owner.

The blog does not only provide useful and practical reads about dog training but also offers services for those dog owners who need their furry pals trained.

ZeroBites Dog Training

You need the basics on dog training but if you are still having a hard time doing so, you might need assistance from dog training experts. If you reside in New Zealand near the Palmerston North City, you can get the professional help you need from ZeroBites Dog Training.

Zerobites Dog Training offers training services and sessions that will help you unravel your dog’s behavior issues such as disruptive chewing, digging, pulling the leash and a lot more. Their program offers private dog training classes, dog obedience training, puppy training and canine behavior modification.

The Noble Beast Dog Training

Do you and your dog live in Denver and need further assistance with dog training? The Noble Beast Dog Training offers affordable dog training services, private training, fun obedience classes and group training.

Aside from these training sessions and services, the Noble Beast Dog blog shares informative articles about dog training such as fun tricks and socializing with other dogs. You can also read more interesting reads and types of food or beverages you can give to your furry companion.

Wrapping Up

If you feel hopeless because of your dog’s behavioral problems, don’t be. You can seek for professional help through these top-rated dog training blogs all over the web. Each and every blog has its own unique approach on proper training, resolution to common behavioral issues, health issues and proper care for your dogs.

Truly, training your dog is a challenging task and perhaps, a tough phase in your life. But once you get through it with all the assistance from these blogs, you know it is all worth it!

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