Stinky Dog: What Are The Best Smelling Dog Shampoo In 2017?

Has your dog just fallen in love with a puddle of stinky slime? Do you struggle to tolerate your dog’s intense body odor? If you’re sharing your home with a smelly pooch, you are probably trying to find out what the best smelling dog shampoo is.

Have no fear, I’m here to help!


Quick Picks: Top 5 Best Smelling Dog Shampoo

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews; you can also click the links above to check prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Why Get A Fragrant Shampoo?

Dogs seem have an insatiable desire to roll around in the dirtiest gunk they can find. There are several theories as to why this is, but the facts stay the same.

If you and your dog live on a cow farm, your dog will no doubt roll around in the muddiest cow pie around. If you live in the city, your pooch will certainly roll around in a polluted puddle of mud the first chance she gets.

As a dog owner, there are always going to be times when you just can’t let your dog participate in her normal household privileges until she’s had a bath.

Also, you know how people can get pretty gross after being in the heat or exercising? The same goes for dogs. Even though they don’t sweat like we do, they do let out perspiration from their paws and from their fur follicles all over their bodies.

Dogs and humans both release hormones and bacteria that carry odors when we sweat, but humans seem to find sweat smells more foul than dogs do.

If you’re living with a dog that has an affinity for foul scents, who can blame you for wanting to find a really nice smelling shampoo?

How To Minimize Dog Smell Without Shampoo

Dogs may not release the nicest of aromas, but a daily bath would not only be a hassle for you, but it would also be damaging to your dog’s coat and skin. Before dousing her with super fragrant soaps to get rid of her stench, consider some other ways you can keep her smell tolerable.

Since your dog releases smelly perspiration from her fur follicles, regularly brushing her coat will help remove some of her unneeded smelly strands. You can also spray her coat and feet with waterless shampoo when it’s not quite yet time for a bath.

Your dog’s has all sorts of smelly nooks and crannies throughout her body. One of your dog’s large sources of odor is her mouth. Brushing your dog’s teeth or giving her some dental chews can help improve the smell of her breath.

Dog ears also release a stench that you can control with some cotton and a pet ear cleaner.

When none of these hygiene processes can put a dent in your dog’s smell, it’s probably time to give your dog a shampoo bath.

Choosing The Right Shampoo

Be safe when you’re choosing a shampoo for your dog, and never use human shampoo on her (unless it’s baby shampoo).

Finding the right shampoo for your dog can be a simple task, or it can be a journey of trial and error.

There are several factors to keep in mind when shopping for a shampoo; does your dog have any skin problems? If so, perhaps you should reconsider giving her a fragrant shampoo.

If your dog has fleas and/or ticks, make sure you pick a shampoo that can be used on her while she’s being medicated. Natural shampoos are normally the best choice in this scenario.

If your dog is young, make sure you choose a shampoo that won’t irritate her sensitive skin or eyes.

Are you looking for a shampoo that smells great because your pooch smells horrible? If your dog has body odor issues, check out deodorizing shampoos that are made specifically to fight her B.O..

Other factors to keep in mind involve your dog’s coat; do you want it to shine? What color is she? If she’s white, there are several products made to lighten a white coat. If her fur is easily tangled, definitely make sure you brush it before she gets in the bath. Conditioner can help with detangling, too.

Ingredients To Keep An Eye On

Try to find a shampoo with natural moisturizers and fragrances. Natural moisturizers include aloe vera, oatmeal, honey and vitamin E.

There are all sorts of ingredients that can be used as natural fragrances that do make the product smell nice, but in a gentle manner.

I know this might be disheartening if you want to find a shampoo that smells really good, but it’s actually a better idea to go for something that doesn’t smell very strong as it’s less likely to contain artificial fragrances and chemicals. 

Chamomile, eucalyptus, lavender, citrus and other fruity extracts are all naturally pleasing fragrances that should be safe for you to use on your dog. If your dog smells really bad, talk to your vet about shampoos specifically formulated for deodorizing dogs.

Some Tips For A Safe And Effective Bath Time

Once you have found the right shampoo, it’s time to let your dog roll around in the nastiest gunk she can find (unless it’s toxic) so you can go to the bathtub and give it a try.

Hopefully your dog was introduced to the bathing process when she was young, otherwise it can be a nightmare! The best thing to do in this situation is to attach her to a leash and get another person to hold the other end of it while you wash your dog.

Before The Bath

  • Brush her to prevent her fur from tangling and matting when it’s being washed and rinsed.
  • Make sure the water is just about lukewarm.
  • Give her a treat so she expects a pleasant experience.
  • Put some cotton in her ear to prevent water from getting in her ear canal.

During The Bath

  • Wash her from the neck down; try to avoid washing her head so that water and shampoo stay out of her ears and eyes. If her face is dirty, use a washcloth.
  • Gently massage the shampoo around her body and create a nice lather.
  • Pay special attention to her rear because that is no doubt the stinkiest area of her body.
  • Rinse her thoroughly; residual shampoo puts her at risk of skin irritation and rashes.

After The Bath

  • Turn off the water once there are no more suds in or coat or bath water.
  • BUT make sure you have a towel at hand to immediately start drying her with. Otherwise, you’ll be the one taking a shower when she shakes dry.
  • Give her another treat and tell her she’s a good doggy!

Quick Reviews And 5 Smelling Dog Shampoo You Should Check Out

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews; you can also click the links above to check prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

#1. Particular Paws - Oatmeal Shampoo

The label of this all natural Particular Paws product isn’t lying when it says this product is made with love.

This safe, soothing beautiful-smelling oatmeal shampoo comes in a white 17 fluid ounce bottle with a photograph of a dog and a cat on the front. Yep, that’s right, you can use this one on your cats, too!

The ingredients are all safe, non-toxic and natural, and include oatmeal, Shea butter, aloe vera and chamomile, rosemary and honey extracts. Yum! These soothing and healthy ingredients make this a great option for smelly 

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                                                                           dogs who have sensitive, irritated or flaky skin.
I have to admit, this product doesn’t have the strongest fragrance, but that’s a good thing; this product doesn’t have any artificial ingredients, so it’s better for your dog.

And while this particular shampoo doesn’t make your dog smell like she sweats Chanel No. 5, it can certainly eliminate some pretty extreme stenches.

If you are really set on using a product that makes your dog smell like the perfume section of a duty-free store, consider using a scented conditioner as an addition this oatmeal shampoo.


  • Natural ingredients.
  • Soothing for skin.


  • No long lasting fragrance

#2. OxGord Natural Oatmeal Dog-Shampoo And Conditioner

This OxGord Natural product is great smelling and great for the environment. The shampoo itself, which is biodegradable, is pink and comes in a translucent 20 fluid ounce bottle.

This product is completely natural and completely organic and won’t cause any inflammation if you accidentally get a bit in your dog’s eyes or nose.

This shampoo gets its moisturizing properties from several naturally moisturizing and fragrant ingredients, including Colloidal Oatmeal, vitamin E, coconut oil, organic Shea butter and rosemary and chamomile extracts.

Oxgord Natural Oatmeal Dog Shampoo (And Conditioner) provides dogs with a long lasting and pleasant fragrance that isn’t too strong, while also adding a comfortable softness and shine to your furry friend’s coat, regardless of how delicate it is.

This product produces a great yet manageable lather that gives your dog’s coat a definite clean and doesn’t take long to rinse off.

Via Amazon.com

This is a fantastic option, especially if your dog needs to be deodorized but has sensitive or itchy skin. The bottle size is larger than most other shampoos in the same price range, so that’s a bonus.

Some people have reported that this product does in fact irritate their dog’s eyes. If you need to wash near your dog’s eyes, do so with a wash cloth. If your dog’s skin becomes irritated after using this product, definitely pay your vet a visit.


  • Natural and organic.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Tearless.


  • This product’s scent is mild due to natural ingredients

#3. Isle of Dogs Everyday Jasmine & Vanilla Silky Coating Shampoo for Dogs

This product has a creamy consistency and comes in a translucent 16.9 fluid ounce bottle. It was formulated for Shih Tzu Terriers, Golden Retrievers and other dog breeds with long coats, but this product can just as easily be used to wash your shorthaired Bassett Hound or Corgi.

If you’re a fan of jasmine and vanilla, then the Isle of Dogs Everyday Jasmine and Vanilla Silky Coating Shampoo for Dogs is one that you would adore. Not only does this product make your doggy’s coat smell amazing, it also detangles it and gives it a shine.

Unfortunately, this Isle of Dogs Everyday product doesn’t get its smell or conditioning properties from natural materials, and for that reason it probably shouldn’t be used every day as its name suggests.

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Do not get this stuff in your pooch’s eyes, and make sure to thoroughly rinse it off your pooch. Water is a large component of this shampoo, but otherwise, Aloe Barbadensis leaf extract is its only other natural ingredient.

Luckily, this product produces a light lather that lets you know it’s working while still being manageable enough to avoid getting it in your dog’s eyes.


  • Long lasting scent.
  • Detangles and conditions.


  • Artificial ingredients.
  • Not tearless.

#4. Nootie- Pet Shampoo, Japanese Cherry Blossom

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This Nootie product comes in a white and pink 16 fluid ounce bottle with a drawing of a dog being showered by cherry blossoms.

This is a great smelling shampoo that is largely made of natural ingredients and doesn’t contain any parabens, soaps, sulfates or other potentially harmful or irritating chemicals.

Since it’s mostly made up of natural components and isn’t medicated, you can use it while treating your furry friend for ticks and fleas.

This Cherry Blossom scented dog shampoo’s fragrance has been compared to that of a particularly strong and long-lasting perfume. This quality is one which you and your pooch may or may not have a problem with.

Make sure to keep your dog’s eyes free from this product; it isn’t tear-free, and your dog definitely doesn’t need these fragrances in her eyes.

As far as the lather is concerned,a little goes a long way, and once she’s all 

rinsed and dry, you might notice that she not only smells better, but her coat feels extra soft and has a healthy shine. The word on the street is that these pleasant effects are very long-lasting.


  • Long lasting fragrance.
  • Conditioning properties.


  • Artificial ingredients.
  • Fragrance potentially too strong.

#5. Fresh ’n Clean Scented Shampoo, Classic Fresh Scent

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This one smells amazing, and it really is a classic.

I grew up on a farm where, over the course of my childhood, I shared my home with 10 big mutts. They were smelly dogs to begin with, and, boy, did they love making themselves even smellier. This shampoo never failed us!

Lambert Kay’s Fresh ’n Clean Scented Shampoo is orange in color and comes in a clear 18 fluid ounce bottle with a pop cap that you can open with one hand while holding your dog with the other.

It’s not medicated, so you can use it if you happen to be treating your dog for fleas or ticks when at the time she needs a bath.

This dog shampoo creates a very nice lather and makes your dog smell fresh and clean, but it does contain some artificial ingredients and fragrances. If you use this product on your dog, keep an eye on her to make sure she doesn’t start itching herself more than usual.

With that said, this product does contain aloe vera, which will help soothe her skin if it gets irritated.

And I have to say, the artificial fragrances in this shampoo really are long lasting. It kept my dogs smelling good for a few days, and they were especially messy; if your dog doesn’t have as much access to mud as mine did, she’ll surely smell good for several days.


  • Long lasting smell.
  • Very affordable.
  • Pop cap.


  • Contains artificial ingredients.


Dogs seem to be attracted to smells that humans perceive as being foul. Keeping a bottle of a great-smelling shampoo is a practical idea, because you can remove a bad smell from your dog, but you can’t stop your dog from loving bad smells.

Of course, making sure your dog maintains a good hygiene is the best way to prevent her from smelling bad. This involves taking care of her teeth, ears and feet between baths and making sure to groom her coat regularly.

Many highly fragrant dog shampoos contain chemicals that can cause irritation to your dog’s skin, so it’s really important to make sure you’re aware of the ingredients of every prospective shampoo product.

Although many highly fragrant shampoos with artificial ingredients rarely cause dogs to have negative reactions, it’s always best to put your dog’s needs ahead of your own.

My top dog shampoo recommendation is Particular Paws’ Oatmeal Shampoo. You can tell this is a reliable product because it doesn’t leave a strong scent on your dog, but it definitely removes the stink. Since it doesn’t smell strongly, you know that it isn’t covering up any residual stink.

With that said, before making a final decision, I recommend that you first have a chat with your vet.

If you thought this article was helpful, and if you would like

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to know more about other dog shampoos, please leave us your feedback in the comment box below. Until next time, enjoy!

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