How Should You Take Care of Newborn German Shepherd Puppies?

Did your German Shepherd just give birth? Do you have any idea on how to take care of newborn German Shepherd puppies? Are you a first-time furry parent? If you’ve got no other answer but YES, consider yourself lucky! Well, you are on the right page!

It must be a wonderful feeling to welcome these new members of the furry family. As you get to see your German Shepherd being a mom to her adorable puppies, you know you also have got to shoulder a whole new responsibility to look after these newborn German Shepherd puppies.

It’s not always a piece of cake for the first time. But whether you’re new or used to this kind of situation, there’s always a tough part to get through. You might also be struggling with what you should do next. But you won’t have to look anywhere to find the perfect guide.

We’ve listed down a step-by-step guideline on how you can take care of these little darlings the easiest way (and how to enjoy life as a furry grandparent, too!)


1. Provide a comfortable whelping box

The safest haven for your dog and its puppies is a warm whelping box. It should be large enough for your German Shepherd to give birth in before the puppies come out. The box should also be fenced to protect the puppies from going into narrow spaces or unsafe areas whenever they crawl around.

2. Check each newborn puppy

Some pups don’t survive when the interval takes too long. However, this is not always the case. As soon as every pup arrives, you have to make sure that it doesn’t have any difficulties in breathing.

If the newborn puppy doesn’t seem to be breathing properly, you should clear its airways with the help of gravity. Hold the puppy facing downward for 5 to 10 seconds to drain any fluid that’s blocking its nose, throat, mouth, and lungs.

A suction bulb syringe can also be used to help remove the fluid. Just remember to be very gentle and be extra careful when you’re holding the puppy.

3. Keep the puppies warm

Newborn puppies often lie on top of each other or in a pile to share heat from each other. It could also be a sign they feel cold. You can prepare a blanket or layer it with newspapers underneath to make the bed much warmer.

Just make sure that the blanket is stretched out and properly tucked in the corners to keep the puppies from being tangled or wrapped under it.

4. Let your German Shepherd do her mom duties

Your dog’s instinct tells her what to do exactly when her puppy comes out. She takes off the sac and licks the puppy all over until it’s all clean and is breathing properly. Some dogs are very aggressive and do not allow their owners to assist them through the birthing process. If that’s the case, let them be.

However, there may be times when it takes too long to take the sac out which could risk the puppy’s life. If your dog is not too aggressive, you can assist her to get the puppies out and let her lick each of them until they’re clean and breathing.

Assist every puppy to get their own spots and let your dog nurse them.

5. Keep their space clean all the time

It will get smelly, dirty, and messy. Although your dog licks the perineal area to help the puppies urinate and defecate and to clean them off afterward, you’ll expect the whelping box or their space to be very messy.

If you have placed newspapers as their bedding, you can take them off and place new ones every now and then to keep the puppies and their area clean. If they get really dirty, you don’t have to bathe them. They are too young and should be bathed not until they are three months of age.

6. Build a fence

These newborn German Shepherd puppies grow too fast. Even in their first few weeks, you’d see them crawling and roaming around their area. Within three weeks, you can see those lovely paws take their first walk. Hence, you should build a fence or rail around their space to protect them from any unsafe spots in your house.

7. Keep them away from visitors

Newborn puppies are delicate and vulnerable to everyone around them. Although she trusts you, some people would still try to touch and play with the puppies. Do not let any visitors and kids go near your dog. Your German Shepherd might find it stressful and could be aggressive towards them.

Your dog would be very protective of her puppies and every unfamiliar face she’d see would seem like a great danger to their safety. That’s why it would be best to keep your dog and her puppies in a safe and quiet place where there will be less noise and distraction.

Proper care for your German Shepherd and her puppies

Having newborn puppies is like having your own child. You have to make every touch the most gentle to care for their delicate body and paws. It takes a lot of effort and time to nurture them until they’re old enough to be trained and lead their own packs in the long run.

But be always reminded that behind every healthy puppy is a healthy mommy. Your dog will be nursing five to ten puppies within a few months so she’ll be needing more strength and nutrition to feed them. Give your furry pal the proper nutrition with the best dog food for German Shepherd dogs and provide plenty of water all the time.

We hope that the information mentioned above has helped you with how you should care for your newborn German Shepherd puppies. If you have any questions, concerns, or any exciting stories to tell, don’t forget to share them through the comment box below. 

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