The Ultimate Guide On How Much To Feed A German Shepherd Puppy

Mother’s milk has always been the best food for German Shepherd puppies for the first three weeks. It provides all the substantial nutrients and antibodies that keep them healthy and free from any diseases. But as early as four weeks, you can wean your German Shepherd puppy to a high-quality puppy food.

As your puppy grows and develops, it would require extra nutrients that the mother’s milk alone may not provide. That’s why it is important to gradually transition your German Shepherd puppy to puppy food until it gets used to it.

But what is the best kind of food for your German Shepherd puppy? How much and how often should you feed it?


What Kind of Food Should You Give?

Premium dry puppy food contains all the fundamental nutrients such as vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals that your German Shepherd puppy needs. It is also high in protein which is the most important part of your GSD puppy’s diet. Protein keeps large breeds like German Shepherds, fit and strong.

It is important not to settle for any kind of commercial puppy food just because it is cheap in price. You have to make sure that the nutritional components of the one you’re buying are supplementary to your German Shepherd’s proper growth and development.

You can also consider feeding your GSD puppy with a wet puppy food. Opt for premium canned food. Although it costs higher than the usual dry puppy food, it is made up of 80% water that will keep your puppy hydrated at all times. These premium canned puppy foods are enriched with more meat protein and fats and fewer preservatives.

But you’ve also got to be very picky when choosing a canned puppy food. Low-quality ingredients will offer nothing but inadequate nutrients and may also result in watery stools.

Both dry food and wet food are beneficial to your pup’s health. But if you haven’t decided yet which you should choose, you can refer to our comparison chart below.

Dry Puppy Food

  • It helps strengthen your puppy’s teeth.
  • It is easy to store and does not need to be refrigerated.
  • ​It is affordable.
  • ​It reduces the risk of getting dental problems.
  • ​You can leave it on your pup’s bowl without getting spoiled.
  • ​Feeding your puppy with dry food is very convenient and less messy.
  • ​Premium dry puppy food is rich in protein and contains substantial nutrients such as vitamins, fats, and minerals.
  • ​It has preservatives and artificial flavors.
  • Because it is dry, your puppy may get very thirsty. A bowl of clean water should be available at all times.

Canned Puppy Food

  • Canned food contains 80% of the water that can keep your puppy hydrated at all times.
  • It contains more meat protein and fewer carbohydrates.
  • ​Canned puppy food is appetizing and has a more natural taste.
  • ​It is easy to digest.
  • ​Once you opened it, it is best to consume it right away. Canned puppy foods have shorter shelf life.
  • ​It is messy.
  • ​If you cannot consume everything in the can, it should be placed in a container and keep it refrigerated.
  • ​It has a higher risk of developing dental problems.
  • It is expensive.
  • Good nutrition is a fortified foundation of a healthy puppy even when it enters adulthood. The best dog food for German Shepherd puppies should always be of the highest quality.

How Much Should You Feed?

The amount of food you should feed to your puppy may vary according to the brand of puppy food. Manufacturers provide labels that show recommendations of the proper amount you should give and you can adjust as your puppy grows older.

But do know that these are just recommendations and may not be applicable to some breeds.

You’ll know you have to feed your puppy more properly if its ribs become visible. It can be a sign of malnutrition. A change of diet or the amount of food might be necessary to resolve the issue immediately.

Take note that German Shepherd puppies are big eaters and are uncontrollable when they find that glorious scent of puppy food. They’ll eat up until they get their tummies stuffed and round. But remember that too much is as bad as too little. It is your responsibility to keep your puppies strong, healthy, and well-fed.

How Often Should They Eat?

You should feed your German Shepherd puppy three to four times a day. Since they are younger and more active, they are able to digest and convert those nutrients to energy. But remember that every meal should be in a reasonable amount to help your puppy digest the food more easily.

When your puppy reaches the age of six months, you can reduce its meals into two. It will help your puppy maintain a balanced diet while being equipped with the proper nutrients.

If your puppy seems underweight for its age, it is best to visit your vet for professional advice and ask the ideal weight and body condition.

Feed Your German Shepherd Puppy Properly

A healthy dog is a healthy beginning. If you’ve started with premium quality puppy food, your puppy is likely going to be in its healthiest condition for all its days. Your German Shepherd puppy will develop a strong and fit body with lower health risks. That means fewer trips to the vet!

But, of course, if you seem uncertain about your puppy’s weight, body condition, and appetite, you should always consult your veterinarian for professional help.

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